princeohberyn asked: Hello, beauty! I just wanted to say that I'm so happy I found your blog, I just love it. I'm here all sleepy because it's bedtime but I cant stop staring at your adorable, perfect art. I'm so in love with your Loras and the renly/loras too and everything! You are so talented and you are making me smile, thank you so much and thanks too for sharing your art with us. Have a great weekend! :)

I just read this and you are so sweet omg. Thank you~

Have a doodle of Oberyn!

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band camp is hell

i don’t know what else you would call marching on hot pavement during the hottest week of the year

i thought i could hear satan whispering in my ear: ‘it’s a b natural, not a b flat’


America Chavez and her star-spangled wardrobe


But I suppose we all play parts.

I had an awful day, and I blame Michael Bay.

First & Last.

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I wish everyone would stop using ‘virgin’ as an insult. Assigning value to having had sex is nonsensical, seeing as some people don’t want or care about sex, and people who might want it aren’t any less of people for not having had it.

Likewise, I wish “geeks are all virgins” would die already. Because gross assumptions, and again, virgin is not an insult. : /